Find Your Happy Place in Chicago

Updated November 23, 2018

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happy place ball pit

NOTE: The Happy Place is no longer exhibiting in Chicago, catch it in another city!

The HAPPY PLACE is a massive pop-up fun house, founded by Jared Paul, located in the heart of Chicago's Noble Square neighborhood. It will be the perfect place to get all the photos necessary to turn your instagram account in one thats influencer worthy. Be sure to bring your camera (with plenty of storage), and a smile because it will be an experience you will not want to forget. There are thirteen rooms that are filled with larger than life installations, each with a completely different aesthetic to match your personality and #CaptureYourHappy. Some of the biggest highlights (and most Instagrammable rooms) include the huge double rainbow room where you get to jump into a huge pot of happiness (adult sized ball pit), the bubble gum room of your childhood dreams, and our favorite, the most boomerang-worthy room known as the confetti dome!  


Quick Tips for Getting The Perfect Gram


Divide and Conquer

What we mean by this is to get into smaller pairs (if you happen to go to the HAPPY PLACE in a big group). That way you are able to maximize your time and not wait around for everyone in your group to get their perfect shots.

Be Prepared

Like good Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, always be prepared. Stalk the HAPPY PLACE instagram page before you go.

Plan for Style

The happy place is full of color. Bring more than one accessory- whether that be a few different pieces of jewelry or a jacket, bring something to change up your outfit. These colorful Zig Zag Pow! superhero earrings are made locally by Get It Made Chicago and would give you the color pop you crave!

Cover Ground

Given the Happy Place has 14 rooms, you'll be snapping lots of pics. Get at least a few pictures in every room regardless of whether you think it will match your feed or not. Personally, some of our favorite photos came from the rooms that we did not expect to spend a lot of time in.

Go Live

Make sure to have “live photos” turned on if you’re using an iPhone. This tip is most helpful for the rainbow room since it can sometimes be hard to capture the perfect jumping photo. If you have the live mode turned on, you can always check through the entire batch of photos to pick the best one.


Be sure to get your tickets ASAP as the HAPPY PLACE will only be in Chicago until August 6th.


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