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Send us an inquiry about adding your business, favorite places, league, obscure activity, etc. to our site. We love partnering with local businesses to help them engage with their active community.


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We believe that local businesses like breweries, bars, and coffee shops are an imperative part of the social fabric that creates a community. These venues offer their patrons an avenue to socialize and pursue activities and interests, which promote health and well being. These venues also provide food and drink, which we all need to survive! 

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For Individuals/Freelancers

Become a Contributor

Write a guest post about your favorite thing to do, your experience in an obscure sports league, or something equally fun and inspiring. If you're a local artist, we'd love to feature your work, especially if it is on display at a local venue (and if not, we can help you find one!).

For Venues/Businesses

Marketing Resources

We can help you create promotional flyers for events, holidays, and other promotional reasons.

Industry Data

Want to know how many ping pong tables per capita exist in the world, or just how many animal themed cafes there are in Japan now? We're into that sort of thing.

League Management

Have games to play but no leagues? You may be missing out. Let us help you set up a league or refer you to someone who can.

Bartending for a Cause

Throwing a fundraiser? Bring us in to help bartend for a cause. 

Special Events

We have experience organizing, planning, coordinating or executing events.