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Chicago Rex is a resource full of recommendations on recreational activites and what to drink and do during your leisure time.  We believe that being social, staying active, and pursuing interests are an important part of long term health and we encourage food and beverage consumers to be social, explore hobbies, and try new things. 

An active lifestyle and social interaction are two critical factors in keeping mentally and physically healthy and building a strong community. Our mission is to help individuals find social activities that support local businesses.

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Find an adult arcade, trivia night, karaoke league, or coffee shop with chess boards. Find friendly competition in a league or on a drop-in basis.


From cocktail-making to pottery, these classes will sharpen your skills.


Find kid-friendly or dog-friendly restaurants and activities. Plan a family event at a free or low cost venue that allows groups. GO


Find low cost live music and comedy shows, open mic nights, places for book lovers, and visual art.


An active lifestyle and in-person social interaction are key ingredients of health and wellness.