Bevv Review: Napa Hills Wine Water

Updated July 28, 2018
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Napa Hills, a young, Chicago-based beverage company, is aiming to make the world a healthier place by celebrating the natural gifts of the vineyard without any of the damage that alcohol can bring on. Their solution: The revolutionary new drink Napa Hills Wine Water.

Wine Water?

Wine Water.

Napa Hills Wine Water is a healthy, low-calorie (as in 0 to 1 calorie), alcohol-free wine alternative. And when we say healthy we mean it: Besides the low-calorie, low-glycemic nature of the drink (sweetened with organic Stevia), it’s also loaded with antioxidants, the very same ones you find in a glass of wine. Napa Hills’ proprietary VitaRes™ antioxidant blend, which includes resveratrol, red wine extract, and red grape skins, turns this drink from guilt-free indulgence to daily ritual, providing you with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and cardiovascular benefits.

benefits of wine water

Currently, Napa Hills offers two flavors, Cherry Rosé and Peach Grigio. The former flavor has notes of cherry and pomegranate that linger on the tongue, while the latter tastes of peach, pear, and a hint of black pepper with a mouthfeel similar to that of its namesake dry white wine. Beyond these two flavors, Napa Hills has plans for expansion. In addition to its flagship flavors, look forward to new flavor coming soon: Lemon Chardonnay. Like its California namesake, Napa Hills refreshing Lemon Chardonnay has the lush, crisp taste of satisfying citrus flavors of lemon and lime. It pairs perfectly with light, delicate foods. Lemon Chardonnay has a flavor profile of white wine but still includes the health benefits and antioxidants of red wine.

Napa Hills is great to drink by itself, but it’s so much more versatile than that. You can pair it with foods just as you would a wine, mix it in with other drinks, and you can cook with it. I was struck with inspiration after sipping the Cherry Rosé flavor, and immediately reserved half to bottle to cook with, and poured the rest for myself while I cooked. I decided to pair cherry with cherry and, riffing on the idea of “cocktail cherries,” I made “mocktail cherries.” In place of the traditional bourbon, I used Napa Hills’ Cherry Rosé, mixing this with sugar, a little lemon, some pectin, and a whole bunch of cherries. Cooking this down for a while, the end result fell somewhere between a compote and a jam, and was delicious spooned atop ice cream, yogurt, barbecue pulled chicken, or anything else that would benefit from a sweet, fruity flavor.

So, where can you buy this seemingly magical drink?

In Chicago, Napa Hills is available all over town: Binny’s, Jewel Osco, Mariano’s, Potash, and Sopraffina, among many others, all sell Napa Hills. Out in the suburbs and beyond there are also a few other locations, but most easy to access would be on Amazon or through the Napa Hills website. You can also sign up for a Napa Hills subscription service and order samplers directly on the Napa Hills site.

Carrie Leigh