3 Greens Market - River North, Chicago

Updated May 28, 2018

A boozy little food hall and cafe packed with fun

Things to Eat and Drink at 3 Greens

3 Greens Market’s cafe serves coffee and espresso drinks, specialty teas, cocktails and boozy steamers. This food hall also has batch/bottled cocktails, a salad bar, Small Cheval, and Dillman's.

Things to Do at 3 Greens

Practice Your Putts

Grab a putter and give the putting green a go while you wait for your coffee:

Play Games

Board Games

3 Greens has plenty of board games for your leisure, including chess boards, Scrabble and giant Jenga:


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And even Twister!

Ping Pong

Grab a paddle and play some pong, if someone isn’t using the table for a game of chess…

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The Arts


Grab a book off the shelf and read about art, Wes Anderson films, or other intriguing topics


The seasonal patio at 3 Greens Market is pet friendly. The venue is also a family friendly space for kids.

Get Work Done

During the week you’ll find professionals and creatives working from the cafe space and having meetings with colleagues (and perhaps some from the nearby Merchandise Mart).


Follow 3 Greens on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and visit them online or in real life at 354 W Hubbard St, River North, Chicago, IL 60654.

Grab yourself some board games from Gammon Village. Next time you're at 3 Greens with a friend you can blow them out of the water in whatever board game you choose to play, and they'll never see it coming.