Where to Play Backgammon in Chicago

Updated June 20, 2017

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Play Backgammon in Chicago

What do Chicago, Monte Carlo, Brugges, and Porter, Indiana have in common?

Monthly backgammon meetups. This is probably how they do it in Monte Carlo:

Photo: Maryland Pink and Green

Nordstrom Michigan Avenue was featured in our post about where to shop and drink, and is also home to the Chicago Backgammon Meetup group’s monthly session - the first Wednesday night of the month in the Nordstrom Cafe.

In addition to weekly gammon, American Tap is a great place to watch the Hawks, UFC, or play video poker. Keep in mind World Backgammon Day March 20th. Alibaba Hookah Bar is the only place we found to pair backgammon with bevvs (BYOB, tea…) and belly dancing.  

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For organized events and meetups in Chicagoland and beyond, check out the Chicago Point calendar. Chicago Point is the best local authority on all things Backgammon, and holds weekly and monthly events at Giordano’s in Morton Grove (among other locations). They also hold charity events such as a benefit tournament for the Anti-Cruelty Society. 


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