Trending: Five Pop-ular Sodas to Try

Updated June 19, 2017


Image: Sipp
Sipp recently expanded its distribution, so you may find it in your local Target if you’re near one of the 1200 stores carrying the organic soda brand. Sipp sodas are made with certified organic fruit extracts, teas, honey, herbs, and agave. Flavors include ginger blossom, lemon flower, mojo berry (above), and summer pear.


Image: Lemoncocco
Lemoncocco™, owned by Jones Soda, is meant to emulate the lemon and coconut stands found along the streets of Rome. The beverage is made with Sicilian lemon extract and coconut cream flavors.


Image: Ramlösa
Ramlösa is a popular Swedish brand of carbonated mineral water extracted from a well. Original, Lemon Citrus, Wild Strawberry, and Mango flavors are available in the US.

Mountain Dew Kickstart

Image: Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew recently added four new flavors to its Kickstart lineup, which are midnight grape, watermelon, blueberry pomegranate and blood orange. Each 12 oz can has 60 calories, and the mascot behind the flavor lineup is a puppymonkeybaby...perhaps the weirdest mascot and ad campaign in history. PMB is meant to illustrate the combination of 3 great things in Kickstart (dew, juice, and caffeine). WTF.


Image: Búho
Inspired by life in Oaxaca, Mexico, Búho sodas come in naranjada, kola, and limonada.