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2 teams of 2 play Tuesdays 8:30pm. Flip for black.



Current Schedule

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The Royal Palms Shuffleboard League Rules

Game Play

· Each week, 4 people from each team will pay a 2-out-of-3 game against another team in that division

· Teams flip a coin at the start of the game, winner chooses which color discs to start

· Color order is as follows: Frame 1-Yellow, Frame 2-Black, Frame 3-Black, Frame 4-Yellow, and so on

· After the first match, teams switch colors

· Games start promptly at the specified time of each division; teams are given a ten-minute grace period, after which a forfeit is called and the opposing team receives an automatic win



· In the event of a tied score at the end of an 8-frame match, two more frames are played, starting with yellow; if the score is still tied after two frames, two more frames are played starting with black; and so on

· In the event that each team wins one 8-frame match, a 4-frame tiebreaker is played:

Teams go back to original colors for the entirety of the tiebreaker

The two players from each team that played in the first match play the first two frames in the tiebreaker

The two players from each team that played in the second match play the second two frames

Play follows the same order as in a regular match (Yellow, Black, Black, Yellow)

The rules of a regular match tiebreaker are followed in the event of a tied score at the end of four frames



· Subs are allowed to play in regular season games, even if they are not registered in the league

· Any player registered with a league team may play as a sub for any other team as long as they do not play at any other point that evening


Number of Players

· Each team must have 4 different players in order to qualify for that week; any team with less than four players will receive an automatic forfeit, and the opposing team will receive an automatic win

· The same two players must play the entirety of the first match: likewise, the same two players must play for the entirety of the second match


· At the end of your match, be sure to report the result to the front desk (win/loss, actual scores are not needed)

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