When I Plant a Tee

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When playing golf, the experience of teeing off is similar to being on stage. It's a lot of pressure. The art of mental toughness in golf is a much-discussed topic and one that professionals like Bob Rotella build their careers upon.

The experience of securing the tee into the ground and balancing the ball on top is the prelude to a swing. This poem is an expression of the experience. 

When I Plant a Tee

When I plant a tee

I'm like goldilocks on the teebox

I want to feel some resistance

But not too much

It can't advance too easily

I must find the perfect touch!


Like the tooth of a narwhal

Along your earthen journey

You detect the perfect route

As we embark upon another tourney


When I plant a teeI want to feel like it's planting roots

Roots that will claw into the soil

Roots that toil to keep it in place!

With you firmly in place

My sweet tee

I'm confident I can keep pace

Hold my ball in the perfect position

While I slap its face!


With Fairway expectations

I must act without hesitation

While three of this foursome await my place!


Tiny wooden dancer

Your earthy Pirouettes

Inspired your sobriquet