Teatulia Organic Teas and Denver Tea Bar

Updated November 23, 2018

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Teatulia is an organic tea brand sold nationally in cafes and restaurants, and is available to purchase online and in stores. Teatulia also has a tea and coffee shop in Denver called Tea Bar. Tea Bar is not only Teatulia's retail location, it is an experimentation room where new flavors are tested and community events take place.

Recommendations on What to Drink and Eat at Denver’s Organic Tea Bar

Teatulia Organic Teas sources high quality tea ingredients from garden to cup. At the LoHi tea tar and coffee shop, you’ll find an array of loose leaf teas as well as sparkling tea drinks, frothy tea lattes, and coffee beverages from local roasters. Among customer favorites is the purple haze latte, which is made with earl grey tea, lavender, and vanilla. Teatulia has also coined what they call Sparkle Brew, which is a cold brew method involving sparkling water. Kombucha tea, tea sodas, sugar-free teas, gluten free options and healthy snacks are also part of the menu.

Local Tea Subscription Program

The Tea of the Month program is a way for Denver locals or those beyond the Rockies to experience high quality organic teas on an ongoing basis. As you taste new flavors, check out these recipes for cooking with tea.

Teatulia Organic Tea

LoHi Recreation

The Teatulia Tea Bar and Coffee Shop is located in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood in a converted garage.

Health and Fitness

Teatulia teas (and certain types of tea in general) come with a variety of health benefits. In addition to sipping to your health, you can join fellow yogis at yoga class from time to time at Teatulia in LoHi. For your mental fitness, there is a selection of board games to play.


Teatulia is a destination for all ages. There is a kids area equipped with a kids table, and the close proximity to the mamahood is a convenient perk for growing families. While you may not find dogs inside the tea bar, there are a few branch managers on the Teatulia corporate bio page. Despite its kid friendly nature, you’re sure to find a nook or quit spot for coworking or studying, and the cafe offers free wifi and a has a printing service.


The Teabar hosts monthly Tea School classes for the local community that highlight tea brewing techniques including matcha and Kombucha-making workshops. In addition to beverage related classes, paint nights, yoga classes, and health education events have been a part of their action packed class schedule.

Quality Ingredients

Teatulia teas are grown in an organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh, whereas most tea producers source ingredients from all over the world. Keeping the operation small allows for quality control and peak freshness.

Social Impact

Beyond the quality ingredients of Teatulia products, the production of Teatulia teas is environmentally and socially conscious. The garden is free from pesticides and fertilizers, which benefits the earth, employees and consumers. Women who work in the tea garden are paid higher than industry standards and have paid education benefits. In addition, Teatulia provides training programs to help Bangladeshi families break the cycle of poverty.

You can buy Teatulia Teas online, through Amazon, and follow Teatulia on Facebook and Twitter.