Foosball Tips, Tricks and Skill Shots To Improve Your Game

Updated November 23, 2018

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Written by Rex Cornwell

Anyone off the street can walk into a bar and try their hand at foosball. If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, however, there are some key table soccer moves that will separate you from the masses.

Advanced Foosball Shots

After watching some instructional videos, here are the most important skills to practice.


Tick tacking involves passing the ball between your players along the same rod, from side to side.


It may seem easy, but gently stopping and controlling the ball with a player’s feet as the ball arrives requires practice. Elite foosball players can catch the ball and then move it to the foot from the side, front, or back.


Being able to pin the ball quickly can help with controlling loose balls - no one likes loose balls! Pinning refers to clamping the ball between the player’s foot and the floor, out in front of the player, or in back of the player.

The Snake Shot

To make a Snake shot, start by pinning the ball in front, then move quickly to the left or right, spin and shoot (ITSF rules allow for 359 degrees rotation before impact with the ball, and 359 degrees rotation after impact).

Wall Pass

Passing to yourself off the wall (same player to same player, or between different players on the same rod) is a helpful skill to navigate around an opponent.

Angle Kick

Mastering kick angles: shots into the side of the goal, passes between opposing players, and bank passes/shots will help you accurately move the ball up, down and around the foosball table.

Flicking block

Flick the defender rod quickly when on defense so that any successful block causes the ball to be fired back in the opposite direction.

fussbol men.jpg

Further Foosball Tutorial Reading/Watching

Here are grips, strategy, and an impressive display of skills: Tornado World Singles Final of 2009 (6 min 48 seconds).