How to Make Foosball a Drinking Game

Updated November 23, 2018

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Written by Rex Cornwell
drunk fooser.jpg

Some foosball players like to compete for the W alone. Some of us prefer to make it into a drinking game - perhaps to soothe us if we’re constantly losing…

For items 1-6, choose a penalty such as taking a drink. Get creative!

  1. No touching the table (except to retrieve the ball on a deadball or goal).

  2. No eye contact.

  3. Whenever you speak, you have to begin by saying “I’ll tell you what..”

  4. When lifting a drink off the table, it must be slid off the side of the table as if it is a powerful magnet.

  5. Anyone who is scored upon must remove an article of clothing of their choice for the duration of 1 point.  

  6. All players must use the majestic plural, such as “We are going to the bathroom” and “We need another beer.”   First and second person usage is not allowed.

  7. If a player touches her/his phone, one of the other players gets to send any text to any contact in that phone.

  8. After a goal, the player who scored the goal gets to choose between making a rule and asking opponent a “Truth or Dare” question.

  9. One person - player, fan, or referee - is designated as the fuse, and the next time “the fuse” is forced to drink for any reason, the entire group must finish whatever they have left in their glasses, too.

The best place to play ‘infused’ foosball is a venue that’s spacious, unopposed to racket, has other entertainment nearby, and serves adult beverages! Find foosball venues near you on the Foosball directory page.