6 Degrees - Bucktown, Chicago


It's a Small World at 6 Degrees

6 Degrees is a neighborhood bar in Bucktown that, as the name suggests, brings together friends and neighbors who likely have friends in common (the six degrees of separation theory). Pictures along the wall illustrate this phenomenon as you may spot one of your friends on your next visit, or even in this post! In addition to a full bar, 6 Degrees has an affordable food menu that includes their signature sandwich, the Horseshoe.


5-6-7-8 #whodoweappreciate #glorydays 🤗

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While 6 Degrees isn't necessarily a sports bar, there are TVs and they will put on games that customers request. Whether or not you're at 6 Degrees to watch some games, why not play some? 


Practice your dart skills or join a dart league team at 6 Degrees:


2015 Dart League Champions! #2EZ #doublebulls #FTW #arrows

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Bring The Family

6 Degrees is a family friendly establishment and a great place to celebrate any occasion. Patrons of all ages can get in on the fun, even the youngest regulars-in-training:

Baby in a bar #2weeksold #beautifulbrigid #reunionofregulars

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Follow 6 Degrees on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and visit them online or in real life at 1935 North Damen Avenue.