Aire Chicago: An Ancient Bath Retreat

Updated February 14, 2019

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Bathe in salt, water, or wine.

For months, we wondered what the steam was rising from the bottom of the building at Chicago and Halsted. Last week the mystery was solved.

While located in a large, historic building in downtown Chicago, the entrance to Aire Ancient Baths is easy to miss. Located in a back alley off of West Superior Street,   

If you've studied ancient Rome, you may have heard terms like frigidarium, calidarium or tepidarium. Each term corresponds to the temperature of the water Romans (and now you) would bathe in during a day at the baths - cold, hot, and warm, respectively.

Aire Ancient Baths recently opened in Chicago.

One experience left for another day hid behind a wall of glass bottles - the wine bath. For a mere $400, you can soak in a concrete tub of red wine. Massages are also available as an add-on to your Aire experience. During the Holistic Ritual treatment, green tea is poured onto your skin, and a green tea oil is used during the massage.