Chicago's Best Euchre Leagues

Euchre in Chicago: Where to Find Tricks, Trumps, and Kitties

Updated December 27, 2018

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You don’t need long arms to excel in a Euchre game.

You don’t need long arms to excel in a Euchre game.

Euchre is a card game originating in Europe and brought to the Midwest by German settlers.

The Euchre Club of Chicago hosts four tournaments per year, weekly euchre nights, and a membership club for euchre enthusiasts. Those wanting to learn the game of euchre can also attend events without a membership on a trial basis. The Chicago Euchre Meetup group also hosts teach and learn events and informal game nights.

How to Play Euchre

Four players compete to win tricks, similar to hearts or spades. Unlike hearts, however, Euchre is typically played with only the 'upper deck' - using only cards nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace in all suits. The dealer deals five cards to each player and the rest are held as a mysterious kitty. A game of euchre takes about half an hour, but your fun fun may last a lot longer at these hotspots.

Chicago Euchre Leagues and Euchre Bars

Photo: Sedgwick's   Sedgwick's Euchre players are full of spirit(s?)

Photo: Sedgwick's

Sedgwick's Euchre players are full of spirit(s?)

Wednesday nights seems to be the most popular night to go out and play Euchre in Chicago.

The Green Lady in Roscoe Village/Lakeview West not only has a full bar and craft beer on tap, they have Ipsento nitro coffee on tap as well. Pair your drink of choice with Euchre on Wednesday nights. Wednesday night seems to be the most popular night to play Euchre in Chicago. Nearby Will’s Northwoods Inn also hosts a Wednesday night Euchre league in Lakeview paired with $2.50 PBR and $5 Captain Morgan or VO cocktails.

Houndstooth Saloon in Wrigleyville has a winter euchre league that plays on Wednesday nights, with a women's discount of half off - very nice ladies!

If you prefer to pair drinks with Euchre followed by trivia, Big Chicks hosts Euchre Club at 7pm, followed by 8pm trivia on Wednesdays. Sip on craft beer (with $1 off), $2 Off Pitchers, or a $5 Humpday Highball. If you don't get your fill Wednesday night you can return for more Euchre at Big Chicks Saturdays at 6pm. Finally, head to  Charlie's for Sunday Euchre card games at 5:30pm, and stay for Karaoke at 9pm. 

Hopsmith Tavern recruits a winter euchre league on Wednesday nights starting in late January.

The Euchre league at  Tavern on Little Fort happens in the spring.

Find your next Euchre kitty meow!