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Updated June 20, 2017

When you think of BYOB painting classes you're probably picturing wine and paint night, where friends gather to attempt to recreate the instructor's chosen subject, and at least one person will joke about being good at the wine part. For those with an artistic spirit looking for an edgy twist on the typical BYOB arts and crafts event, meet Art Room Events, Chicago's creative experience troupe.

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Art Room Events hosts unique classes, parties, and other events beyond the basic BYOB class. Any venue in the Chicagoland area becomes an 'Art Room,' including your home or office for private events.

Painting with Coffee

The Bevver meetup group attended a coffee-themed Art Room Event at Bru Chicago. During the coffee and painting class, Bevvers sipped on bottomless Bowtruss coffee and learn cold brew and pour over coffee home brewing techniques (BYOB was also an option). As we sampled our bevvs of choice we also learned how to paint with coffee.

Today we learned how to paint with coffee, while drinking #coffee! Thanks to @bruchicago and @artroomevents

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Coffee is a great medium for painting and allows artists to create layers of depth within one color profile. Art Right Meow makes a 'coffee paint' specifically for painting with coffee!


Marshmallow Tasting

Another recent creative pairing was Art Room Events' marshmallow tasting and acrylic painting. Participants painted a summer cocktail scene (or chose their own adventure) while sampling boozy marshmallows.

Take a sneak peek into the class via their Facebook live video:

Other classes have included The Colors of Nutrition (painting with juice and learning about nutritional cleanses), and An Afternoon at Tiffany's, a Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed high tea party.

high tea event chicago

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