Spanish Winemakers are Making Blue Wine

Updated November 17, 2017
Photo: LaEsenciaDelVino

Photo: LaEsenciaDelVino

In case you needed another reason to visit northern Spain, six entrepreneurs and aspiring winemakers have released the world's first blue wine (Do you think they acquired funding through Indigo...go?). Working with the University of the Basque Country, GIK blue is a science experiment and business venture in a bottle. The entrepreneurs discovered that "the skin of the red grape has a natural pigment called anthocyanins and it’s blue. Then we discover a plant that has another one called indigotine, and mixing both we get that indigo blue that has our wine” (Vinuranto). This 'rule-breaking' wine is meant to be tasted by connoisseurs or charlatans, at any time of day. Their target market includes creative and daring people.

Key takeaways from this venture:

  • Even if you are green, you can try something new. And make something blue!
  • The wine industry is thousands of years old but continues to evolve
  • You can add a dog to any marketing material to make it better
  • If you are thirsty enough, you can do anything - stay thirsty out there.

You're my boy blue!