UVO: Drinkable Sunscreen

Updated April 10, 2018


UVO drinkable sunscreen

Dermatologist and problem solver Dr. Bobby Awadalla decided it's time to change the way we apply sunscreen - by drinking it! Meet UVO, the first drinkable sun protection. Each 12oz, 60 calorie bottle has an Orange/Peach flavor and will last 3-5 hours. UVO recommends drinking one bottle per day 30 minutes prior to sun exposure (half a bottle for kids 6 - 12). Read more about the scientific benefits of UVO here. Dr. Awadalla's clinical opinion is that multiple forms of sun protection are still the best way to avoid damage from the sun, so you may want to apply that lotion and wear a hat anyhow, but this may be the right choice to amp up your hydration or poolside cocktail game!

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