Giant Jenga: When it All Falls Down

Updated June 20, 2017

Jenga is a fun table top board game that many bars, breweries, and coffee shops have available to play - despite the mess and noise created when the tower inevitably falls. Giant Jenga is is a jumbo size version of the game, and is probably available at a bar or cafe near you. Here are some Bevvers sharing their giant Jenga moments on Instagram.

This is just so fun to watch. Look out!



Could you keep focus in the midst of a brass band? Twas the snare that did it.


Turn on your audio for this one, he didn't get the W but he nailed the dub. 


"I swear it wasn't me..."


Noooooooooooo! Nice slow-mo capture. 

No not that one! 🙈 #TheSteadyStack

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Happy because he knows someone else is setting up the next game. 

#summah #giantjenga @merry_harris @jakmary @okkkelly

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 He'll bounce back. He's playing giant Jenga at a brewery, after all.

Yup // #legionbrewing #legionbrewingcompany #charlotte #giantjenga #jenga

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Crime scene screams.

Had a blast at Fanime--wish I could've been there the whole weekend. #GiantJenga #Fanime2016

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We agree that #summertime is a great time for outdoor giant Jenga. Sweet time lapse.

🎵| In the #summertime when the weather is👌|🎵

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Slow motion Jenga Quake.

@jongourd losing soooooo bad 😂 #giantjenga

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At least he saw it coming and dodged it like Neo from The Matrix. We realize the irony of a Jenga tower also being...a matrix.

#cookout #giantjenga @j.timm

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No craft beer lovers were harmed in the toppling of this Jenga tower.


When in Montreal, Jenga as the Canadians do. Free hugs are given for whoever attempts the last piece. Who doesn't like free hugs?

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