Meet The Paddy Wagon, an Inflatable Irish Pub

Updated June 20, 2017

If you’ve never blown up a bar’s your chance!

Photo: The Paddy Wagon

Settle down pyromaniacs, by blow up we mean inflate.

A Backyard Boozy House

Once again, the wonderful world of concierge services is making your dreams come true. Recently featured in Food and Wine, The Paddy Wagon is an inflatable Irish Pub that can be delivered to your outdoor venue, bringing limitless craic to your doorstep. This adult version of the bouncy houses that are popular among children's parties will revolutionize your next backyard shindig. The inflatable fun pubs come in two sizes, the flagship pub, which is 30 x 30 feet and accommodates 80 people:

inflatable irish pub

Photo: The Paddy Wagon


And a smaller 'corner' pub for more intimate gatherings:

small inflatable irish pub

Photo: The Paddy Wagon


These Paddy Wagons are Full of Party Police

The Boston-based mobile party planning team can coordinate Irish food, drinks, and live entertainment to go along with your unique event. The interiors of the pub also include a cozy fireplace.

irish bar fireplace

Photo: The Paddy Wagon

Live Entertainment

Opt for live Irish  music or a personal DJ.

irish live music party 

Photo: The Paddy Wagon

Irish dancers will bring your party to a whole new level. 

irish dance party

Photo: The Paddy Wagon

Round out the experience with authentic Irish Wolfhounds.

irish wolfhounds party

Photo: The Paddy Wagon

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