Rhein Haus - LoDo, Denver

Updated June 20, 2019

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German Beer and Bocce Hall

Rhein Haus is a Bavarian beer hall with over 20 taps, a beer and cider bottle selection, and boots to drink it all from.

Four boots please 👌🏼🏸

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Grab your own traveling bocce ball set and play on the go!

Eater has touted the food menu, as well as the sports viewing ambiance at Rhein Haus.




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Rhein Haus has four indoor bocce ball courts. Reservations are available but not required Sunday through Thursday nights, and weekends are first come first bocce. House rules are posted on the Rhein Haus website, but here’s the skinny: Whoever wins a coin flip chooses whether to serve or the color of their balls. The serving team throws the pallino beyond the halfway mark but does not hit the back wall. If they fail, the other team serves. If that team fails, the original serving team hand places the pallino accordingly. The team who places/successfully serves throws one ball then let’s the other team try to throw closer to the pallino - taking turns by who is furthest from the pallino until both teams have thrown their 4 balls.

Well.... They had a come back. 🙅🏼

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The scoring team gets one point for every ball closer to the pallino than the non-scoring team’s closest ball.


Geeks Who Drink put on trivia nights on Sundays - check the Rhein Haus website as this may change seasonally.


Family Friendly

Rhein Haus is a fun space to host a family get together, work party or holiday event for a group of 6 to 600.

Bring the Kids

As long as your kids don’t go ape with the bocce balls, this beer hall is a good choice for players of all sizes.

When you bring a baby to play bocce. #babyethan #bocceball #rheinhaus

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Follow Rhein Haus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and visit them online or in real life at 1415 Market Street, LoDo, Denver.