MLB Tiebreakers and Cubs Watch Parties for the Playoffs

Updated November 23, 2018

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Written by Rex Cornwell

mlb playoffs

One of my friends who isn't interested in baseball isn't interested in baseball because there are a million games (they like football instead). Shoot, what can anyone really say in rebuttal? I'll defeatedly admit that my friend has a point.  But, on the upside, we're nearly done with the regular season! The only games left on the schedule are 96 games this weekend. But really the only games that matter to the the National League...are 45, and the rest are glorified friendlies.  That seems fast-paced to me!

MLB Playoff Tiebreaker Games

Alright, let's get to it.  The current status of the tiebreaking melee for the soon-to-arrive 26 to 45 high-intensity playoff games  (Hey, the NBA has between 60 and 105 playoff games.) :

Dodgers vs. Rockies

  • Dodgers (1 game back of the Rockies and Braves) have seeding and home field tiebreakers over the Rockies and Braves.

  • Rockies (even with Braves at 89-70) have seeding and home field tiebreakers over the Braves.

Cubs vs. Brewers

  • Cubs (1 game up on the Brewers) have home field advantage in a tiebreaker over the Brewers.

Tiebreakers, if necessary, for Brewers @ Cubs, and Rockies @ Dodgers, will be on Monday.

Chicago Cubs Watch Parties

And, finally, postseason watch party locations for Cubs fans.  Because you can't be as loud at home as you can on the road.