Visual Art in Chicago's Bars, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

Updated April 10, 2018

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Photo:  Appellation

Photo: Appellation

Pairing bevvs with art, what a beautiful thing. Take these into perspective when planning Galleries serving wine, coffee shops hosting local artists - Chicago is full of opportunities to appreciate the visual arts with a beverage in hand. This section includes painting, sculpture, ceramics, film, architecture.

Appellation is an Andersonville Wine Bar with art on display from local artists. Sip from a wine flight and see what's on display. 694 Wine Bar also keeps work by local artists on the walls.

Arbella is an international/travel-themed bar and restaurant with art by Joseph Danger and unique lighting design.

The first Friday of every month Fulton Street Collective opens their doors to the public for an open house of artwork, wine and good vibes. Sip win and peruse studios and pop-up stands showcasing recent work by FSC members.

FSC also hosts a monthly celebration of Chicago's art and music scene called Exposure (above), which is typically the third Friday of the month. Grab a complimentary Revolution brew, snack on Roots pizza and enjoy the good vibes. 

Try out a weekly figure drawing group named 'Grotesque Burlesque' that meets Thursday nights at The Uptown Underground. Sessions start at 7PM, cost $10, and feature starlets from the Chicago Burlesque scene. 


Sometimes it's hard to get out; putting on real pants and mentally-pumping yourself up to be social can be a problem for some. So how else can you mimic a local art show and drinks from the comfort of your own home? Grab some wine or some coffee and some art supplies and go to town, stretching the boundaries of your creative side and expressing yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll find out you were good at something you never knew! Or that you actually like Chardonnay more than Rosé, and a light roast better than a dark roast. Better yet, make it a monthly thing with a fresh selection of coffee from Bean Box and wine from Winc. Did you just start your own event thanks to this great advice? Maybe you'll be featured on this page!


Michael Carrol, head brewer at Band of Bohemia, sips coffee under the guise of this wall painting.

I'm an art collector.

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