How To Play Broomball

Updated April 10, 2018

Photo:  USA Broomball

Around the 1960s, America became heavily fascinated with this new sport called “broomball.” The game’s origin comes from Canada and is now being played in several other countries. Today, the broomball community has expanded and is being considered to be played during the Winter Olympics. As a result, broomball is becoming more popular and being played as a recreational game where you can meet friends and exercise.

So for those of you asking, “how do you play broomball,” here’s the scoop:

Broomball incorporates tactics from hockey and soccer and is typically played as a winter sport in a hockey rink. However, if you’re just trying to gather some friends up to have fun, a gym or grass will do! In a normal game of broomball, there are two teams. Each team has six players. The normal set up is to have three forwards, two defenders, and a goalie in the back. The idea of the game is to try and score more goals than your opponent. To score, you must hit the inflated ball into your opponent’s net using the “broom.” The broom really doesn’t look like an actual broom. It is a wooden (sometimes aluminum) shaft with a triangular, rubber-molded head. If you’re playing on ice, some people often wear rubber-soled shoes but it is not mandatory. Broomball can get a little intense and has similar regulations as hockey, soccer, or pretty much any other sport that involves a ball!

Broomball enthusiasts can learn more about leagues and tournaments from USA Broomball.

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