Bevv Review: Bai Bubbles

Updated July 13, 2018
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Bai brands has a variety of five calorie drinks packed with antioxidants and flavor, including a carbonated soft drink called Bai bubbles. We sampled a variety of Bai Bubbles, including the Waikiki CoconutBolivia Black Cherry, Guatemala GuavaJamaica Blood OrangeGimbi Pink Grapefruit, and Peru Pineapple flavors. Bai Bubbles also comes in Sulawesi Limón and Indonesia Apple Pear.

Speaking of coconut...the Waikiki Coconut Bai Bubbles is like drinking a pina colada. It almost seems like there is pulp or texture to the drink, it’s simply delicious. Whether you prefer virgin pina coladas or rum-infused, mixing or blending a can of Waikiki Coconut with ice is a low calorie, low sugar, dairy-free hack to a light beach drink. Waikiki Coconut is also one of the flavors that comes in a non-carbonated version called Bai Antioxidant Infusions.

All of the flavors we tried were delicious, and it was hard to believe they only have 5 calories - perhaps it is the softness of the can that makes it feel like you’re holding and drinking from a piece of fruit (be prepared to enjoy holding the soft can, people). We also love that Bai 5 rhymes with high five, and that you can quickly say I need to buy Bai...

Bai beverages are sweetened with low calorie sweeteners, which is how Bai 5 sodas are only 5 calories each.

Bai beverages can be a nice pick-me-up because they contain juice from coffee cherries, the fruit surrounding coffee beans.  Each Bai drink has 45mg of Caffeine because they are infused with coffee fruit extract. For those trying to avoid caffeine, Bai is probably not for you. Consuming multiple Bai drinks per day or late at night should be done with caution for this reason.

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Bai drinks are a great option for those needing low glycemic, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, low calorie or dairy-free drink options. Bai’s website has a kitchen section with recipes for smoothies (with the regular bai drinks), cocktails (for both regular and bubble Bai), and meals for those who want more than straight up flavor goodness.

Bai is available in most large grocery chains including Jewel Osco and Target stores for around $2 each. If you are a Costco member you can check with your local store or see if you can have it delivered via Instacart. Otherwise, Amazon seems to be the best place to order and typically has a 20% off coupon. You can browse variety packs and order individual flavors from the Bai website or Amazon.

Since our initial review Bai drinks have expanded to include Bai Black and Bai Antiwater.