Foosball/Table Soccer Tables, Tournaments and Leagues in Chicago

Play Foosball in Chicago

Foosball, aka table soccer takes strong wrists and the attention span/peripheral vision to follow a very fast ball flying through many metal legs. 

Join other foosers at the Chicago Foosball Meetup, which rotates between Mullen's and Emporium bars.

Emporium Chicago weekly foosball tournaments

Emporium hosts ongoing tournaments and meetups, and is a great place for players of all skill levels to have a good time, great drinks, and healthy competition. On Sundays the Logan Square location holds draw tournaments, where players pay $10 (beginners only $5), are paired with a random partner, and compete for money + bragging rights.

The Game Room at the Chicago Athletic Association has 1 foosball table with two defenders beside the goalie - some tables will have a single goalie and some will have this three man configuration, which can be confusing. There are over 100 foosball table styles, and no official standard. The North American table soccer tour uses multiple table brands (the table style is listed in each tournament's description), so if you're going to get serious you might as well practice on as many tables as possible!

Photo: Moe's Tavern

Moe's Tavern in Logan Square has a foosball table where you can play for flaming shots, specifically their signature shot, the Flaming Moe - did he just have one?