Updated December 28, 2018

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Foosball is a fun pastime for either two or four players. Also known as table soccer, foosball can be played in a casual, tournament, or league format. We've even seen human foosball games played around the world!

Foosball is a popular enough sport that there are amateur and professional rankings, and world tournament in Las Vegas every year. In fact, Foosball Zone is a blog by a professional foosball player. Topics beyond how to play include types of foosball tables, buying one for your home, and maintenance techniques. There can be variance in table structure from bar to bar, tournament to tournament. Some foosball tables have one goalie, some have two. Some tables have a ramp, some don't. Sometimes table soccer players (the little men, not you), have metal feet and sometimes they're plastic. Don't fret, whatever the table is like, we have confidence you'll grab a bevv and roll with it.

For serious Foosballers, here is the International Table Soccer Federation rule book .


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