Dive In! The World's First Ball Pit Bar

Updated June 19, 2017

If you read our story about San Francisco's EIGHTY bars that offer games or other entertainment, you probably aren't surprised that the city of gamers will be home to the world's first ball pit bar. Yes, that pit of colorful balls you swam through at Chuck e Cheese, fast food chain playlands, and county fairs is coming back for your reminiscent pleasure - at least if SF's Forward Motion has anything to do with it. Forward Motion is a non-profit organization that helps individuals check one bucket list item off their list at a time, helping to make dreams a reality. The event is currently in the fundraising stage, but has a placeholder date/location of December 1st at Romper Room. Want in on the fun? Join the Facebook event.

Pearlfisher creative agency debuted its 'Jump In' installation in London last year, and brought it to New York this summer. Forward Motion will add color and cocktails to their version, but here's a preview of what may occur in an adult ball pit (hint: it's glorious)...