The Best Place To Play Broomball in Chicago

Updated March 1, 2018

Wanting to play broomball in Chicago and don’t know where? Broomball is one of many winter sports to play in Chicago and can also be played year-round on grass or in a gym. Here are the best three locations to play! You can fly solo or play with a team, it’s up to you. If you don't know what broomball is or how to play, start here.

UIC Flames Field (Women’s Softball Field)

901 W. Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL 60608

Warren Park

6601 N. Western Ave.,

Chicago, IL 60645

At either one of these locations, you can sign up to play in a league as an individual or with a team through Chicago Social. Through Chicago Social you can also sign up basketball, volleyball, bowling, dodgeball, kickball, ping pong, whirlyball, and much more!!!

Johnny’s Ice House West

2250 W Madison St.

Chicago, IL 60612

A lot of people use this location and rent out the space to play with their friends. All you need is 12 people for a fun afternoon playing Broomball. You can also rent the space for ice skating or hockey! All you’ll need is some skates and equipment for skating or hockey.

All of these locations are close to the United Center. So don’t forget to check out some bars like The Ogden Chicago, The Beer Bistro, and WestEnd. The Ogden has a fantastic drink menu with over 50 beers and cocktails. The Beer Bistro has over 150 drink choices and are known for some great burgers and comedy nights. Lastly, WestEnd has 33 TV’s, amazing bar food, great staff, and a DJ. Enjoy!