Boozy Adult Spelling Bees in Chicago

Updated June 19, 2017

Bring ur frends

Monthly Spelling Bees

The Buzzed Spelling Bee happens the first Monday of the month at Elbo Room in Lakeview. Voted by Time Out Chicago as one of the "Best Game Nights In The City" and chose by the RedEye Chicago as a "Must Do In January 2016." Spelling is clearly harder when you've been drinking, especially when you're on-stage and competing for your bar tab. If you normally get a little stage fright, a few drinks will help loosen you up — but be careful, because misspelled words will get you the boot. Spell words, get buzzed, make friends, make enemies, and make those enemies look dumb, because your a better speller (see what we did their?).

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Check out this promo video for a glimpse of the fun.


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Quencher's Saloon formerly held a monthly Slurring Bee competition on the second Tuesday of the month in Logan Square. 

The Slurring Bee at Quenchers was hosted by Billy Parker and Mandy Levy, but is currently on hiatus. This fun event involved a $5 entry fee, which included a free Slurring Bee Shot before every spelling round, proposing an incentive (and a challenge) to get through to the next level!

Annual Spelling Bees

The Book Cellar Spelling Bee has occurred annually in September, but also pops up as a special event like the February 8, 2017 event. Contestants spell before celebrity judges, author James Kennedy and poetry slam aficionado Robbie Q. Telfer. 

The Whistler in Logan Square has held an annual spelling bee in March, with topics ranging from commonly mis-spelled words to general nerdiness.

The Smartypants Spelling Bee was an annual adult spelling bee held in Rogers Park every August by Lifeline Theatre. Stay tuned as they look for a new venue!